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Bankruptcy Services in Tulsa Oklahoma

Tulsa Area Bankruptcy Attorneys services assist companies and their creditors facing Chapter 7 and chapter 13 as well as bankruptcy services in Tulsa Oklahoma. We help navigate and determine the best route for our clients, either via an out-of-court or in-court filing. Our team is well-versed throughout the entire Chapter 7 and 13 process, including but not limited to preparing the debtor for filing Chapter 7 and 13; developing internal and external communication plans; assisting with the development of first-day (and subsequent) pleadings; preparing or assisting in the development of short-term and long-term cash flow forecasts, including reporting requirements; assisting in the negotiation of cash collateral and/or DIP credit agreements; preparing statements of financial affairs and schedules of assets and liabilities; preparing monthly operating reports; advising on the contract assessment process; leading the claims reconciliation process; assisting the debtors in interfacing with various creditor constituents; assisting in the development of emergent business plans and negotiating the plan of reorganization with stakeholders; and assisting the various case-specific analyses and presenting and/or reporting on such analyses.

Our Bankruptcy Services Also Include:

We assist our clients with bankruptcy services and all of the processes of getting organized, filing and processing the filing. We have a high success rate and client satisfaction rate. We are also available to help you with other services that surround this scope of work in Tulsa Oklahoma. We have found that most of our clients appreciate the additional following services we provide alongside our filings.

  • Bankruptcy Services in Tulsa Oklahoma
  • Contingency planning
  • First-day motions
  • Schedules and statements (Statement of Financial Affairs/Schedule of Assets and Liabilities)
  • Preference analyses
  • Claims resolution
  • Disclosure statement and plan of reorganization preparation
  • Damage calculation of lease and executor contract rejection analyses

Please feel free to contact us today for questions regarding your bankruptcy chapter 13 or bankruptcy chapter 7 filings. Our experiences team are some of the best bankruptcy specialists in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Bankruptcy Services in Tulsa Oklahoma